KCP&L’s goal is to help your business succeed, whether you want to locate in our region or are already a customer with growth in your future.

About Us More than 800,000 customers count on us to provide clean, reliable and affordable energy to power their lives. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. We’ve earned a reputation as one of the Midwest’s most reliable and affordable energy suppliers because we work every day to show leadership in vital areas like environmentally sensitive power production, plant technology and modern infrastructure investments.  It takes more than 3,600 miles of transmission lines, 22,300 miles of distribution lines and 400 substations to deliver power to our customers

Our Economic Development Team is ready to help your business grow and prosper. Our team offers a deep understanding of how the needs of your energy infrastructure drive economic development. Our knowledge of local business dynamics, energy costs and incentives will save time and conserve resources.

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