kcpl-manufacturingclickherebug-v1-1If you are evaluating the Midwest for a data center, KCP&L is here to help. We offer some of the lowest rates in the country, know the territory, understand your needs and can help make your venture a success.

KCP&L’s expert team of senior-level professionals is focused on supporting data center growth in our service area. We know how important it is to move your projects forward quickly, efficiently and profitably. Here are a few reasons why this region is an excellent site for data centers:

The Kansas City Region: Superior Energy, Capability and Reliability

One of the most important advantages KC offers is its inherent protection against energy black-outs. Your risks of experiencing an energy black-out are influenced greatly by the distance you are from your primary energy source and your back-up energy source. KC provides:
• Consistently ranked among the best for constant, uninterrupted service
• Exceptional low-cost energy prices
• Local generation via coal, nuclear, wind generation plants

Central U.S. Location:

Kansas City has a central U.S. location, reducing the likelihood that KC-based operations will become a target for disruption. In the case that a disaster recovery site is sought, KC is within a day’s driving distance of a number of metropolitan areas.




• Utility – five-year flexible discount equivalent to one year of free electricity
• Real Property Tax Abatement – discretionary program offered by many cities
• Training – flexible, tailored programs for the client company
• Tax Credits – based on job creation & capital investment
• Personal Property Tax Exemption – full exemption provided in Kansas; Missouri communities have discretionary programs developed to reduce or eliminate property tax on machinery and equipment
• Potential sales tax exemption on construction and equipment.

Availability of targeted sites and facilities with existing power and telecom infrastructure.

Low Natural Disaster Occurrence Probability:  KCPL.DataCentersMaps


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