kcpl-manufacturingclickherebug-v1-1If you are evaluating the Midwest for a manufacturing facility, KCP&L is here to help. We offer some of the lowest rates in the country, know the territory, understand your needs and can help make your venture a success.

KCP&L’s expert team of senior-level professionals can assist you by supporting manufacturing facility growth in our service area. We know how important it is to move your projects forward quickly, efficiently and profitably. Here are a few reasons why this region is an excellent site for manufacturing facilities:

The Kansas City area, located in the heart of the United States, is comprised of two states – Kansas and Missouri – and has advanced logistics infrastructure, offers low-cost utilities and an abundant labor supply. Because of Kansas City’s central location, food and plastics manufacturers can reduce international and domestic transportation costs while efficiently connecting to the global supply chain.

Central U.S. Location:

Kansas City is a prime location for food and plastics manufacturing facilities because of its advanced logistics infrastructure. Easy access to rail, air and major interstates, along with accessibility to a business-focused Foreign Trade Zone program, locating to Kansas City can reduce international and domestic transportation costs.


• Utility – five-year flexible discount equivalent to one year of free electricity
• Real Property Tax Abatement – discretionary program offered by many cities
• Training – flexible, tailored programs for the client company
• Tax Credits – based on job creation & capital investment
• Personal Property Tax Exemption – full exemption provided in Kansas; Missouri communities have discretionary programs developed to reduce or eliminate property tax on machinery and equipment
• Potential sales tax exemption on construction and equipment.

Availability of targeted sites and facilities with existing power and telecom infrastructure.

Low Natural Disaster Occurrence Probability:  KCPL.DataCentersMaps


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