A rigorous approval process defines a Certified Site, ensuring it meets the specific criteria demanded by site selectors and developers.

Certified SitesCompanies looking to build new facilities are searching for sites that are not only suitable for development but are also relatively “risk-free.” KCP&L’s  Certified Sites Assistance Program can fill the demand for project-ready industrial sites, making the decision to locate in our service territory in either Kansas or Missouri a much easier process.  Site pre-qualification through a certified sites process provides a standardized tool by which both development professionals and business prospects can review prospective sites for compatibility with their development needs. The certification of a site is performed through a comprehensive review of many of the issues facing businesses and corporations as they search for areas to relocate or expand. These include the availability of utilities, site access, environmental concerns, land use conformance, and potential site development costs. Having a site “certified” reduces the risk associated with development of particular sites by providing up front and consistent information.   The KCP&L Certified Site Assistance program is designed to help defray some costs associated with due diligence process for site certification as well as providing KCP&L staff that work closely with site certification and process.

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