“We have a housing problem” is a comment often heard in the communities we serve. But what kind of housing problem is it, specifically? Lack of rental housing? Affordability of entry-level housing for sale? Low appraisals or no lots? And what is causing these housing problems?

Until a community can answer these questions and devise and implement an action plan that addresses the root causes, nothing can be expected to change. Lack of housing will continue to be one of the major constraints to further community development, even during good economic times.

Our two-step Community Housing Assessment includes:

  • A statistical analysis (including population forecast and housing trends) and a demand analysis (including a Housing Industry Attitude Survey and a summary of plan/zoning ordinances).
  • An intensive community visit that spans three days of onsite meetings, resulting in a step-by-step program to address the community’s key housing challenges.

Looking to resolve housing issues?

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